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2023 Collection:

Imperfections That Made Us

Artist Statement:

My latest body of work, entitled "Imperfections That Made Us", is a progressive culmination of 7 years in self-taught artistic development. It brings together older cubist influences that made themselves present in the beginning of my journey with art, alongside new figurative lines and textures. It's my first attempt to recognize a broader visual tale, incorporating much of the story-telling that has typically resided in my writing practice, while also finding new intent with decisions made to the use of colour, setting and texture.

The scenes presented in the works draw attention to environments that helped shape my own story of independence and identity; from working in hospitality settings with connotations to bartending, wine and food, represented by various items that tell individual anecdotes, as well as commentary on loneliness and social anxiety, constituted by the use of windows and their depth of field. On top of these innovations to my existing work, I've stripped back some of the more complex movements that previously captured the human form, exchanging a wild mix of colours and abstract compositions for cleaner lines and body shapes with a rough pastel graininess that reveal the many hidden levels in each painting. This new palette, resulting in a scarred-like skin tone, feels natural and in many ways metaphorical to the scars that we carry as human beings, be them figurative or literal, akin to the layers that shape our physical and mental wellbeing, often remaining hidden. "The Imperfections That Made Us" is a body of work in which I want to connect us to our wounds and reveal the strength that lurks in their essence.

The collection is currently made up of three small figure studies measuring 60x60cm on traditional cotton canvas, and six larger canvasses ranging from 100x120cm to 150x180cm in dimension. As it stands, this collection is growing, with a catalogue update featuring the completed collection planned for summer 2023.

While the current nine artworks are now available for purchase, the complete collection will comprise of fifteen pieces, with six more still in production.

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