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Painting is at the core of my practice, it's the place I like to escape to without thinking too much about consequence. I don't intellectualise what I'm doing in the present moment. I let myself go, and discover the story I'm telling as I near completion of a piece. I enjoy making mistakes and working through them. This important aspect of my process feels synonymous with my outlook on life: A journey of self-reflection and corrections, worked and layered, until I don't feel anxious anymore.

Uncluttering painting by Tom Fry


Drawing feels like an intimate, somewhat educational process, it has over time, become less so about catharsis and escapism, and more so about learning, technique, patience and finding new methods I can then bring back to canvas.

The Intervention Original Sketch by Tom Fry

Digital Painting

As art is often a form of expression I use to release tension, it has at times been difficult to make things spontaneously when at a distance from the studio. Picking up a tablet and being able to nurse my anxiety when I please with the convenience of a mobile-art-studio has also been an entirely new learning curve. With the technology of NFTs making collecting digital art a possibility, I'm interested in where this journey takes the art industry and am still navigating this new virtual world with an open mind.

Un Avril d' Advil digital painting by Tom Fry


Whereas painting comes as a form of escapism with a sense of freedom and exploration, poetry is a far more confrontational process. Writing feels like an immediate means of processing trauma. It is far more brutal and painful. A true understanding of the self reveals itself when we have honest conversations and accept our vulnerability, and learning to understand myself has always been the motivator behind everything I do.

Reset original painting by Tom Fry
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