Mental Health

My unyielding passion for the importance of mental wellbeing stems from my own experience of how art and poetry changed my life for the better. Growing up, I never quite understood why I felt so incompatible with my surroundings, I showed strong signs of ocd, went through extreme lengthy lows and intense short highs, suffered severe panic attacks at the most inconvenient times and went about life with very little self-esteem. I constantly had suicidal thoughts. After a mental breakdown I visited a doctor, and in 2017 I was diagnosed with depression. Shortly afterwards I began painting as a cathartic process, which in turn became a professional practice. I had been drawing and sketching for a long time, but picking up a paintbrush had a profound effect on my peace of mind. Particularly; it was my approach to the surfaces I worked on that made it possible for me to benefit from this as a form of positive self-medication. It was what one might call "improvisational" or without purpose or intent of design. Depression makes one feel like the world's worst procrastinator, even when you are doing something productive: Which for most people, nourishes with feelings of accomplishment. Somehow painting with this methodology filled this gap I was previously unable to even see with warming satisfaction. As well as this, my artworks would often become mirrors into myself, conversations about "why" I painted this specific pattern or portrait would allow me to reflect on my own life by asking questions I hadn't before.

Mental Health has since become a huge part of the dialogue and context of my work, attempting to have conversations about stigmas, obsessions and subjective relationships with the self. I have been in awe of the response by those who have resonated with my craft and it is because of those people and many who support and buy my work that I am also able to help others as well as grow my own personal mental wellbeing.

I welcome collaborations and projects which incorporate incentives for charitable mental health institutions, social enterprises and community projects.

If you would like to talk about collaborating on a project, please get in touch.