Born in London - Dual national (English & French heritage)


Fun Facts & Other Stuff:

Self-Taught Artist - Mental Health Advocate - Ex-Sommelier (I drank wine instead of getting an art degree) - Is actually content despite the resting bitch face - Writer - Poet - Existentialist

In my own words:

Without trying to give too much away, I intend to evoke a sense of self-reflection in my audience, while communicating my own experiences of anxiety, depression, obsession, male stigma and sexuality. I envisage this conversation about mental health to be a necessary one that we must have with ourselves. The tensions between the figurative and the abstracted forms, isolated by their surroundings, attempt to engage the viewer in provocative and real themes and discussions. Such as the juxtaposition between the individual and his mirrored reflection: Men who ask themselves questions. My overall vision is to give a visual account of/ and ignite a global discussion about suicide and depression perpetuated by the anxieties of male stigma and stereotypes, from a gonzo (lived) perspective; with the aim of erasing stigmas surrounding men simply striving to be more in touch with themselves and their emotions.


Based in

London, UK