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Newest Works

My latest body of work has been a journey of re-discovery going back to fundamental cornerstones of my practice. This includes a rich use of spray paint and a process of raw catharsis. While I still like to apply figurative or cubist-influenced techniques in the early stages of each new painting - once a staple genre of my practice - I have found undeniable truths in the more fluid and abstract medium of spray paint, while also exploring new dimensions with the use of incisions and bruised textures. This format allows me to build layers which tell hidden stories of self-exploration, while simultaneously taking me back to the core of why I began painting: To diffuse tension, relieve stress and self-medicate.


I began making these pieces as early as 2018, but was in all honesty terrified to share them with the wider community of artists, collectors and gallerists alike. I worried change would not be well received and kept them hidden like shameful experiments, until earlier this year (2023), when I realised this was in fact my truest identity and most original work.

Older Works

While I have found a new identity with a more abstracted genre that feels unique and irreplaceable, cubist and figurative story-telling helped me discover my context and narrative as an artist. As someone who always looked up to cubist masters (the likes of Picasso, Duchamp & Braque), learning to paint in this style allowed me to hone techniques and understand shapes and colours, while directing the attention of my audience to what I wanted to convey in a more explicit manner. It's always been an aesthetic I love, and am proud of my contribution to such a classical genre, with numerous pieces held in private collections across the world.

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